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In this video I’m going to show you how to edit your sidebar.

Please note that depending on what theme or plugins you’re using will determine what Widgets and Widget Areas you have.  Most likely it will be different than what I have.

If you would like to place a sidebar somewhere on your Theme that does not currently have a pre-defined Widget Area, you will need some programming knowledge to add one in.  Or you can hire a web designer to do it for you.

There are two ways to edit Widgets.  I will go through both methods in this video.  For the first one, on the left menu click on Appearance.

Then click Customize.

Click on Widgets

When making changes in this Customizing window, you can preview the changes over on the right of the page.  These changes won’t show up on the website until you save them.

You will probably see different widgets areas than what I have here.  I have Primary, Content, and Footer.  I’m going to start with the Primary Sidebar.  This sidebar is on the left side of my page for the Twenty Fourteen theme.

If you would like to edit or delete a widget click on the arrow to the right of the widget.

Then click on Remove.

If you’d like to edit a widget, click on the arrow to expand it.

With the Recent Posts Widget, I have the option to change the title and the number of posts to show. Other widgets will have different options depending on what it is.

Click on close when you’re done editing to minimize the widget.

There are two ways to change the order of the widgets.  You can click on them and drag them to the new location you want.

Or you can click Reorder.

Click on the Up and Down arrow to move the widgets.

Then click on Done.

I like to remove the Meta widget since I don’t like to advertise my login link.

To add a new widget, click on the Add a Widget button.

Click on the widget you’d like to add.  I’m going to add the links widget.

When you’re all done making changes, if you’re ready for them to go live, click on the Save & Publish button.

To go back to the main widgets area page, click on the arrow to go back a page.

Now I’ll show you the Content sidebar.  For the Twenty Fourteen theme, this sidebar will be located in the content area on the right side of the page.

I currently don’t have any widgets setup on this sidebar.  If I did have some, they would appear below where it says – Additional sidebar that appears on the right.

To add your first widget, click on the Add A Widget button.

I’m going to add the Calendar widget for the top of my sidebar.

I’m going to change the Title of the widget to Events.

Now that I’m done editing this widget, I’ll click on Close.

I’m going to add another widget.

I’m going to add a text widget.

I’m going to set the title to Map.

I’m now going to paste in code to add a map.

I’m going to copy the embed code this this map.  I’ll show you in another video how to get to the embed code on google maps.

Now you can see a map on my sidebar.  Click on close after you’re done making changes.

I’m going to add one last widget.

I’m going to add another text widget so that I can add contact info.

I’ll add a title of Location.  Another good title name would be Contact Us.

In the content box I’m going to paste in the address.

As you can see in the preview, the address is not easy to read.  I’ll want to add in line breaks so that it’s easier to read.

I’m going to add in a line break after the street address, but as you can see on the preview, the line break is still not showing.

To get the line breaks to show up you have to add a little html code.  Add <br> everywhere you would like to have a line break show up.

Now you can see that the line breaks show up on the preview page.

I’m going to add a phone number and email address so that they have more ways to contact us.

Click on close.

If everything looks like you want in the preview area, you’ll need to save your changes so the public will see your changes.  To save and publish the changes, click on the Save & Publish button.

When you’re all done and would like to exit the Customizer, click on the X button.

Now I’m going to show you the other way to edit Widgets.  Under Appearance, click on Widgets.

You can see all three of my widget areas on the right and the available widgets on the left.  To expand or minimize a widget area, click on the arrow to the right of the widget name.

If you would like to change the order of the widgets, click on the one you want to move and drag it to the location you want.  Once you see a dotted box outline you can let go of the mouse.

If there is a widget that you would like to remove from your sidebar but save it so that you can add it back down the road without re-creating it, left click and drag it down to the Inactive widgets area.

Once you see the dotted outline of the box you can let go of the left click.

If you would like to make changes to one of the widgets, click on the arrow next to the widget.

Click on the Save button after you’re done making changes.

Click on the arrow to minimize the widget.

Take note that when changing themes, there is often some variation in the number and setup of widget areas/sidebars and sometimes these conflicts make the transition a bit less smooth. If you changed themes and seem to be missing widgets, scroll down on the screen to the Inactive Widgets area, where all of your widgets and their settings will have been saved.

And if you’d like to go back to the Customizer View, you can click on the Manage In Customizer button.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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