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In this video I’m going to show you how to edit your widgets.

These usually contain the content and features on your sidebars and footers.  In this video I’m going to focus on the footer.  Please note that depending on what theme or plugins you’re using will determine what Widgets and Widget Areas you see on your screen.  What you see on my screen will most likely be different than what you have.  While widget areas typically occur in webpage sidebars & footer, a theme can place widget areas anywhere on a page.  If you would like to place a Widget somewhere on your Theme that does not have a pre-defined Widget Area, you will need some programming knowledge to add one in.  Or you can hire a web designer to do it for you.

There are two ways to edit Widgets.  I will go through both methods in this video.  For the first one, on the left menu click on Appearance.

Then click on Customize.
Click on Widgets.
You’ll now see all the available Widgets that your theme supports.  We have two sidebar widgets and a Footer.  In this video I’m going to go over the Footer Widget.  Click on the Footer Widget Area.

I currently don’t have any widgets setup on my website.  If I did have some, they would appear below where it says – Appears in the footer section of the site.  When making changes in this Customizing window, you can preview the changes over on the right of the page.  These changes won’t show up on the website until you save them.

To add your first widget, click on the Add A Widget button.

Click on the widget you’d like to add.  I’m going to add the Calendar to my footer.
If I scroll down on the preview area on the right side of the page, I can see the widget changes I make on the footer.  You can now see a calendar.
You can leave the title as Calendar or change it to something else.  I’m going to change it to Events.  You can see on the right how it changes to reflect the change.
I’m done editing this widget so I’ll click on Close.
With my current theme, Twenty Fourteen, I have room for four widgets.  So I’m going to add three more.  We’ll repeat the previous steps, click on Add A Widget button.
I’m going to change the title from Archives to Older Blogs.
With the Archives widget, you have the option to Display them as a drop down.  This will help save space if you have a large amount of posts.  The second option is Show post counts.  This will display a number next to each month of how many posts were published each month.
When you’re done making changes, click Close to minimize that widget.
Click Add A Widget to add the third widget.
Now I’ll add Categories.  These are all the blog post categories you have created.  I currently only have the Uncategorized category.  Once you start blogging you want to get rid of this category and create ones that your blog posts are about.  I will show you how to create categories in another video.
 With Categories you have the option to change the Title, Display as a Drop down, show post counts, and show hierarchy.  Once you’ve finished editing that widget, click Close.
For the final widget I’m going to add what I used most of the time, the Text widget.  This widget allows you to add any custom text or code.  This works great for adding your business hours, maps, Facebook widgets, and much more.
In this widget, I’m going to add our hours.  For the Title I’ll use: Hours.
In the Content area I will type in my hours.
Now on the preview you’ll notice all of my hours run together.  Even though I hit the Return key to break each day to a new line, this does not carry over in the widget.  So if you would like to add a line break in any widget, you will need to add html code where you would like these breaks.  The code you will add is <br>.  I will add this after every day so that each day gets its own line.  This will make it easier for the customer to read the hours.

If you would like to create an extra space between lines, add a second <br> like I did before Friday.  This will make it double spaced and it will stand out more.

Now over on the right you can see on the preview that the formatting is much better than it was before.

Now I have all four of my widgets set up.  If you’d like to change the order, click on Reorder
Click on the Up or Down arrows to move it to the location you want.
Once you’re done making changes, click on Done.
If you would like to edit or delete a widget, click on the arrow to the right of the widget.
Make any changes here, or click on Delete to remove the widget from the footer.
I’m now going to add a new widget to replace the one I just deleted.
I’ll replace it with Recent Posts.  This will show my most recent blog posts and make it easier for your readers to see what’s new on your blog.  Keep in mind this will show all the categories you have created.  If you would like to limit it to certain categories, you can use the Text widget and add shortcode to specify the category.  Similar to this:  [display-posts category=”travel” posts_per_page=”3″].  This shortcode will show all the posts in the Travel category and will show the three most recent posts.
You have the option to change the Title and How many posts to show.  The default is 5.  You can change it to whatever number you like.  If you have fewer posts than the limit, that number of posts will show.  The Display post date option shows or hides the published date of the post.
I’m going to rename the widget to My Blogs and set the number of posts to show at 15.
When you’re all done making changes, if you’re ready for them to go live, click on the Save & Publish button.
When you’re done, click the X to exit out of the Customizer.
Now I’m going to show you the other way to edit Widgets.  Under Appearance, click on Widgets.

When working in the Widgets menu area, you won’t be able to preview changes before they are live.  When you make changes here, they are immediately viewable by the public.

Click on the arrow next to your Footer Widget Area.

When working in the Widgets menu area, you won’t be able to preview changes before they are live.  When you make changes here, they are immediately viewable by the public.

Click on the arrow next to your Footer Widget Area.

If you want to remove the widget but save its setting for possible future use, just drag it into the Inactive Widgets area. You can add them back anytime from there. This is especially helpful when you switch to a theme with fewer or different widget areas.

Take note that when changing themes, there is often some variation in the number and setup of widget areas/sidebars and sometimes these conflicts make the transition a bit less smooth. If you changed themes and seem to be missing widgets, scroll down on the screen to the Inactive Widgets area, where all of your widgets and their settings will have been saved.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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