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In this video I’m going to show you how to customize your WordPress theme.

To get started, click on Appearance.

It will take you to the Themes page.  From here you can click on Customize on the left menu, or you can click on customize on the theme you are currently using.

The theme customizer allows users to change certain Theme features such as colors, background, and layout in a live preview format.  All without modifying theme files or touching any code.  While making these changes, you can preview them on the right side of the screen.  After previewing your changes, you can choose whether or not you want to save and publish them or discard them.

I’m going to show you the options for the Twenty Fifteen theme.  Depending on what theme you’re using will determine what options you have on your screen.

The first option is to change the Site Identity.

If you would like to change your Site Title, Tagline or Fav Icon you can do it here.

I’m going to remove the Tagline from my website.  As you can see in the preview area, the tagline no longer shows up below my Site Title.

If you’d like to remove the Site Title and Tagline from your header area, you can uncheck the Display Header Text box.

The last option is the Site Icon.  This is also known as the Fav icon.  A fav icon (short for “favorites icon”) is an icon associated with a website or webpage intended to be used when you bookmark the web page. Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere to help identify a website visually.  If you set the icon here, you don’t have to change it to a different format, the theme will do it for you.  If you don’t have the option to add an icon in the customizer, I will show you how to create one in another video.

To select your Fav icon, click on the Select Image button.

Browse to the image, select it, and click on the Select button.  In my case, my image is already uploaded so all I have to do is click on it and then click the Select button.  You most likely will need to upload yours.  To do this, click on the Upload Files button.

I would like to save my settings so far so that I can show you what the Fav icon looks like.  I’ll click on the Save & Publish button.

As you can see in the tab of my website you can see the fav icon I just added.

I’m done with the Site Identity options.  To go back to all the other options, click the back arrow.

My next option is to change the colors scheme.  Click on Colors.

You can change the Base Color Scheme from the predefined colors in their drop down menu.

If you don’t like their predefined Color schemes, you can choose your own colors.  To change your background color, click on the Select Color button below Background Color.  You can see the changes in the preview area so you can choose colors until you find the ones you like most.

To change the Header and Sidebar Text color, click on the Select Color button and choose your color.

The Header and Sidebar Background Color can be changed by clicking on the Select Color button.

That’s it for the color options.  Click on the back arrow to go back to the main options.

The next option is Header Image.  This is where you can add your logo if you have one.  Or you can create any type of header image that you would like displayed.

For this theme, they recommend that your header image be 954 pixels wide by 1300 pixels tall.  You will either need photo editing software or to crop it to that size or you can upload any image within WordPress and crop it there.  To add an image, click on the Add New Image button.

Select or upload the image you want to use and click the Select and Crop button.

My image is already set to the recommended width and height so I don’t need to crop this image.  But if I did, I could move the dotted line box to the part of the image I’d want to use.  Then click on the Crop Image button.  You can also click on the Skip Cropping button if you don’t need to crop it.

Even though I’ve cropped my image to their recommended dimensions, you can see how it has cut off part of my image.  With this theme, depending on the size of your browser or device will determine how much of the image you will see.  When you’re all done click the back arrow.

The next option for this theme is the Background Image.

To add an image, click Select Image.

The image I selected shows in the preview area.  When adding an image, it gives you the option to set it to not repeat, tile, tiles horizontally, or tile vertically.

For the Background Position, you can set it to Left, Center, or Right.

The Background Attachment option allows you to set the background image to Scroll with the website or you can have the background image fixed.  Then when you scroll the image does not move.

I don’t like this image on my website so I’m going to click the Remove button to remove it.  I could also click on Change Image to try out another image.

Click the back arrow to go back to the main options.

The next option is Menus.

This is the same as if you would go under Appearance, Menus.  You can set menus to locations and you can add items to the menus.  For more information about Menus you can watch Add or Edit Menu’s video.

The next option is Widgets.

These are the same options you can change under Appearance, Widgets.  With this theme we only have one Widget area, the left sidebar.  If you click on this widget area, you can edit the widgets.

Here are all the widgets I currently have on the sidebar.  I can rearrange them, delete, or add a new Widget.  For more about Widgets, watch the Sidebar or Footer Widgets video.

The next option is Static Front Page.

Here you can change the home page.  WordPress defaults with displaying your blog posts.  Here you can change it to a Static Page.

I have created a Home page so I’m going to change it to display it as my Front Page.

Depending on the theme you’re using, you may have other options I don’t have listed on mine and you might also not have some that I have.  If your theme has any documentation, you can look through it for more instructions on how to edit their theme.

When you’re all done with the Customizer, click on the ‘X’ in the top left corner to return to your previous page.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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Buy Hosting   (7:44)
Create a Sitemap   (7:14)
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WordPress vs WordPress.org vs WordPress.com   (3:32)
Installing WordPress on your own hosting   (7:56)
Logging into the admin dashboard   (2:22)
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Discussion Settings   (6:46)
Media Settings   (2:19)
Permalinks Settings   (4:37)
Setting up your site
Change Themes   (2:49)
Customize Themes   (7:50)
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Updating WordPress   (1:50)
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Plugin Screen Options   (1:14)

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