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In this video I’m going to go through the Spam Prevention portion of the All In One Security plugin.

This tab helps you prevent spam comments submitted by bots and allow to add a captcha field on comments form.

On the left sidebar, click on WP Security, then Spam Prevention.

The first option is to enable captcha on the comment form of your site. Enabling captcha on the comment form will prevent spam bots from submitting comments on your website without any additional plugin or .htaccess entries.  This will force users to fill in a math captcha before they can submit their comment.

The majority of comment spam is usually produced by automated spam bots.  You might occasionally receive some spam created by humans, but for the most part, the spam will come from spam bots.  By checking this box, it should minimize the amount of spam that you receive by applying a firewall rule that will block the comment attempts that don’t originate from your domain.  It’s rare that I don’t enable this on my websites.

Most of the options have a More Info button that you can click on to read more about each option.

When you’re done on each tab, click on the Save Settings button.

Once your changes have been saved, it will update the points you receive for enabling an option.  Here you’ll see we now have 20 out of 20 points for the Enable Captcha option.

Next is the Comment Spam IP Monitoring tab.  This tab works best if you have the Akismet plugin installed and activated on your website.

For Auto Block Spammer IP’s, if enabled, this feature allows you to automatically and permanently block IP addresses that have exceeded the number of comments submitted that are labeled as spam.  You can specify the minimum number of spam comments.  If you enter a 1, it will block an IP if submits one spam comment.  If you enter a 5, it will block them after they submit 5 spam comments.

How the Akismet plugin comes into play with this feature, it will usually mark comments as spam for you.  Otherwise you will have to manually mark comments as spam for this feature to work.

Click the Save Changes button after you’ve made any changes.

After you’ve enabled it and saved your changes, if you don’t have Akismet installed, it will add a message notifying you that they recommend that you install that plugin.  Check out the Akismet plugin video series for instructions on how to install it.

Here you can generate a list of the IP addresses of the people or spam bots who have left spam comments on your site.  Enter a zero if you’d like to see all the address, or enter another number such as a 5, to see those who have submitted 5 or more spam comments.

The results will appear in the box below:  Spammer IP Address Results.

The last tab is for Buddy Press.  If you have the Buddy Press plugin installed, this will add a captcha field to the registration form.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.


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