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In this video I’m going to walk you through the All In One Security Miscellaneous settings.

Here we will take a look at Copy Protection, Frames, and Users Enumeration.

To get here click on WP Security, then Miscellaneous.

The first tab is the Copy Protection tab.  This feature allows you to disable the ability to select and copy text from your front end.  It also removes the ability to right click on your website.  This setting isn’t as critical, but it can protect users from easily saving your images or copying your verbiage.
If you checked this box, click on the Save Copy Protection Settings button.
The next tab is Frames.  Prevent Your Site From Being Displayed In a Frame.  This feature allows you to prevent other sites from displaying any of your content via a frame or iframe.  This is another setting more for protecting others from using your content.  And not necessarily for protecting from hackers.

The last tab, Users Enumeration.  Prevent Users Enumeration.  This feature allows you to prevent external users / bots from fetching the user info with urls like “/?author=1”.  Basically this prevents them from getting your user information from via the author permalink.  When enabled, this feature will print a “forbidden” error rather than the user information.  This is one more way to hide your usernames from hackers.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.


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