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In this video I’m going to go through a quick overview of the All In One Security plugin.
Click on WP Security on the left menu.

You’ll notice this plugin updates quite often.  They are constantly adding new features and the latest security.  I recommend keeping it as updated as much as possible.

Underneath WP Security you’ll see all the setting options.  I’ll go through each of these in the videos following this one.  These settings offer the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques as easy to use features.  The best part, you don’t have to learn complex htaccess rules to apply good firewall rules to your site anymore.  With this plugin it’s as easy as clicking buttons.

This plugin uses a points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site, based on the security features you have activated.  On this screen you can see it says 15/15.  That means I have this option is either enabled or it does not require any action.  Since I don’t require any action, I have 15 points out of 15 points.  These points go toward my total that you’ll see on the Dashboard page.

To the left of the points system you’ll see it says Basic.  The security and firewall features are categorized as Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced.  These levels help you to determine which features are less invasive on your website.  The features that are labeled as basic are generally non-invasive and should not break any functionality.  These types of features are best to be activated immediately in order to provide you with the minimum security you should be applying to your site.

Here on the Brute Force page you can see there’s an Intermediate item listed with 0/10 points.  When you see zero, that means that option has not been enabled or requires action.  If this option is enabled, it would add 10 more points to your overall points.

Some of the intermediate and advanced features can break your site if they conflict with another plugin or theme on your site.  If you’re hesitant to enable any of them, a good strategy is to get started by enabling just the basic security features. Then use the plugin for a few weeks to see how it goes.  Once you feel more comfortable with the plugin, you can look at enabling some of the intermediate or advanced features.

It is very important to backup your site before you activate any intermediate or advanced features.

If you have activated a feature and something went wrong, you can visit their website for support at www.tipsandtricks-hq.com, restore your site from a backup, or you can contact us for help.

Here’s an example of what an Advanced setting.  Some of these advanced features may not work correctly on your site if your hosting provider’s configuration doesn’t support it.  With some of these settings, you might be better off not turning them on.  In my experience, I have only run into a few of the settings that caused any issues.  I will mention them in the upcoming videos.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.


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