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In this video I’m going to show you how to create a new Membership Level within the eMember WordPress plugin.
On the left menu, click on WP eMembers, then click Membership Levels.
I don’t currently have any membership levels.  To create one, click on the Add New button.
To start, you need to give your Membership Level a Name.  Type in the name that you’d like your membership level to be called.  Some examples are Gold, Silver, Platinum.  Type in what best fits the type of membership you will have.
Here’s an example of what an Advanced setting.  Some of these advanced features may not work correctly on your site if your hosting provider’s configuration doesn’t support it.  With some of these settings, you might be better off not turning them on.  In my experience, I have only run into a few of the settings that caused any issues.  I will mention them in the upcoming videos.
For the Default WordPress Role, choose the level of permission you’d like this level to have.  Then when members sign up to this level, they will have that specified WordPress role.
Your options are Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, and New Role.  I’d suggest leaving it at the default, Subscriber.  Only if you want these members to have access to edit any of the website would you choose any of the other options.
Redirect After Login.  This is the URL of the main page for this membership level.  When the members in this level log in, they will be redirected to this page after they login. Leave this empty if you don’t have a main page for this level.
Allow Access To:  Leave all these checked unless you want to globally block this level from a type of content (posts, pages, comments, categories, attachments, custom posts). Checking these checkboxes do not give the member access to all content. It simply allows you to customize the content protection.  For example, access to certain posts or pages via the Manage Content Protection menu.
Subscription Duration:  When members sign up for this membership level, their membership will be active for the duration of the subscription period you choose here.  If it’s a paid membership, it will continue as long as they keep paying it to renew it.
Autoresponder List/Campaign Name:  This setting is optional.  You only need to use this field if you want the members of this level to be signed up to a specific autoresponder list.  Make sure you enable your preferred autoresponder from the Autoresponder Settings menu if you want to use this field.  Enter the name of the list or campaign where the members will be signed up for.  For example: “listname@aweber.com” if you are using AWeber or “My Members” if you are using MailChimp. You can find the list/campaign name inside your autoresponder account.
Click on the Submit button to save your changes.

Now you’ll see the level that you just created.  If you’d like to edit this membership level, click on the Edit link on the far right.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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