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In this video I’m going to walk you through how to manage the content protection within the eMember plugin.
There are two ways to manage the permissions.  The first way is on a single page or post.  Note that all the steps I’m taking you through today are the same for pages and posts.  Here I’ll show you from a page.
Click on the page you’d like to set the permissions on.
The eMember Protection options are usually near the bottom of the page.
If you’d like to restrict access to this page to members only, click on the bullet next to Yes, Protect this content.  If No is selected, the public will have access to this page, even if you grant membership level permissions to access this page.  Until Yes is selected here, the content will not be protected.
Below that it will show all the membership levels that you have created.  Choose the level or levels that you’d like to have access to this page.
Once you’re done, scroll back up to the top and click on the Update button to save your changes.  This content will now require being a member of the Golden Level membership to view it.
If you’d like to select multiple pages or posts at a time, click on WP eMember on the left menu.
Then click on the Membership Levels on the left sidebar below WP eMember or on the dashboard you will see a Membership Levels tab.
Click on the Manage Content Protection tab.
Here is where you can apply permissions to more than one page or post at a time.  I’ll start by selecting the membership level that I’d like to grant permissions for.  Click on the dropdown arrow if you have multiple levels.
Next you want to choose what type of content you want to set the protection permissions for.  Your options are Custom Posts, Comments, Categories, Pages, and Posts.
I’ll first go to the Pages tab.

You’ll see two boxes on the left.  The far left is for granting permission.  The box on the right is for disabling the ability to bookmark that item.

If you’d like to select all the items, click on the box above the other permission box in the gray bar area.  This will select every item that is shown.

Here you can see that the About page has already been granted permissions for the Golden Level.  I did this in the last step.
If you’d like to grant access to another page, check the box farthest left for that page.  I’m going to grant permissions for the Contact Us page.
Then click the Grant Access button.
Now onto the Posts tab.
You can check as many posts at once as you like.  I’m only going to give the Golden Level permissions to the Sponge Bob Rules post.  Check the far left box next to the items you’d like to grant the group access to.
Click the Grant Access button to save the changes.  Please note that if you have not changed the settings on this post to only allow members to view the content, you will need to go to that post and change that setting.  Otherwise the public will still have access to this post.  This goes for pages as well.
Go to Posts or Pages where you need to change the setting to be protected for members only.  I’m going to go to the Posts page.
Click on the item that needs updating.
Scroll down until you see eMember Protection options box.  As you can see from the last step we took, it is enabled for the Golden Level to have access to this post.  Under Do you want to protect this content, change the setting to Yes, Protect this content like we did in the first step of this video.  Now only the Golden Level members will have access to view this Post.

Click on the Update button to save your changes.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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