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In this video I’m going to show you how to manually add new members to the eMember WordPress plugin.
On the left menu, click on WP eMember, then Members.
I don’t currently have any members.  To add a new member, click on the Add/Edit Member tab.
The first option is the Username.  This has to be a unique username within your website.  If this user will have editing or admin access, choose a username that isn’t easy to guess.  If the name is not available, it will let you know.
Type in their first and last names.  Neither of these fields are required.
Choose a password for them.  Preferably something that isn’t easy to guess.  I’d suggest avoiding using ‘password’ or ‘12345’ or anything easy like those.  Type it in the Password field, and then again next to Retype Password.

The Company field is optional.

The Member Since field will default to today’s date.  If you’d like to change it to another date, just click on the date and a calendar will pop up for you to choose a different date.

Next you want to choose the Membership Level.  I currently only have one level setup at this point so it will default to that level.  If you have multiple, click the dropdown menu to select the one you want.
Here you can choose the account state.  Your options are Active, Inactive, Expired, and Pending.  It will default on being an active account, which is most likely what you’ll want.  If you want to change their status later, you can edit it at any time.
Enter their email address here.  This is a required field.  Each email can only be used once.
The next six fields are the phone number and address information.  These are all optional.
If you didn’t specify an After Login Page URL within the membership level, you can specify URL here that is specific for this user.  This could be handy if you want to have each user have a different page.  You will need to enable the redirect option in the Settings.  I will show you how to do this in another video.

For gender, feel free to change it to Male or Female.

The referral is usually used for affiliate sites.  If an affiliate refers a user, their information will show up here.  Or you can manually enter it.

The Subscription Starts will automatically select today date, but you can click on that box and select a later date if you want there to be a delay before they can log in.

If you want to add any notes about the user, you can add them in the Admin Notes box.  These notes are only visible by the administrators of the website.
Click on the Save Member Info button when you’re ready to save this new user.

My new member has now been set up.  You can see most of their information on this page.  If you’d like to edit this member, click on the Edit link on the far right of the user.  The only thing you can’t change, is their username.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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