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In this video I’m going to go through how to add Sections, Rows, and Modules.
If you’d like to add another section, there are buttons below each section to add another.  You have the option to add a Standard Section, Full width Section, Specialty Section, or Add From Library.  I’m going to add a Full Width Section.
As you can see, the full width section looks very similar to the standard, other than the left sidebar is purple.  That’s how you can distinguish them apart from each other.  Full width sections give you access to the full width Modules.
Next I’ll show you the Specialty Section.
If you would like to edit or delete a widget click on the arrow to the right of the widget.

Once you add a specialty section to the page, you will notice that one area has an Insert module button, while the other has an Insert Columns button. The insert module area represents your vertical sidebar. You can add as many modules here, in a single row, and they will span the vertical width of the section, adjacent to the column structure you build next to it. Clicking insert columns will allow you to insert additional the section type that you chose when adding this section.

Specialty sections have a red sidebar color to help you differentiate from the other section types.

Next up are Rows.  Rows sit inside of Sections and you can place any number of rows in a section.  Rows have a teal colored sidebar.  To add a new row, click on the Add Row link.
There are many different row types to choose from.  Full width, half and half, thirds, and many more.  Once you choose a row type, you can then place modules into the selected column structure. There is no limit to the number of modules you can place within a column.

Last are Modules.  These are the visual elements that make up your website.  Every module that Divi has can fit into any column width and they are also mobile responsive.

Click where it says Insert Module.

Depending on the type of column you are adding the module to, will determine what options will show up for the modules.  With the full width section, you will have fewer options.  These modules are the only ones that work well with being full width.
If you have multiple columns, it works the same.  Click on the Insert module in the column you’d like to add your new module to.

You can also add another module to a row.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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   Purchase Divi Theme   (7:46)
   Installing Theme   (1:44)
Divi Builder
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   Page Settings   (1:05)
   Post Settings
Sections, Rows, Modules (SRMs)
  SRMs Overview
   SRMs Settings Tabs
  Adding SRMs
  Cloning SRMs
  Deleting SRMs
  Moving SRMs
  Changing Structures of Rows
   Types of Modules
   Types of Full Width Modules
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  Saving to the Library
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