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In this video I’m going to go through the high level permissions of the Divi Role Editor.  These are the top set of options.

To get to this editor, click on Divi on the left sidebar, then Role Editor.

I’m going to stay on the Administrator tab, as some of these settings only exist for this Role.

The first set of options is the high level permissions.  As I talked about in the overview video, the top options are the high level theme privileges.  Here you can limit access to the main Divi menu items such as the Theme Options, Library, Split Testing, Theme Customizer, Module Customizer, Page Options, or Portability.  In other videos in this series I’ll go into more detail of each of these options.

The Theme Options would turn off the link on the left menu bar if it was disabled.  The Theme Options is where you can set the logo, social media links, add custom CSS, and much more.

If we were to disable the Divi Library, it would remove the Divi Library menu item on the left sidebar.  You can just barely see it on my current screen in the bottom left.  The Library is where your saved configurations reside.

Now click on the Save Divi Roles button.

And click on the Refresh button.

You will now see that Divi Library is no longer on the menu in the bottom left corner.  With it not showing up on the menu, this user will no longer have access to get into that area of the website.

Since I’m on the Administrators Roles, I’m going to enable it again by clicking on it again.

If I disable the Theme Customizer and Module Customizer they will disappear from the left menu.  The Theme Customizer is where you can customize the theme, including change fonts and colors.  The Module Customizer is where you can customize each of the modules.

Save the Changes.

Click Refresh.

Now you’ll see Theme Customizer and Module Customizer has disappeared from the menu.

I’ll go ahead and re-enable it by clicking on it again.

If you disable the Page Options, it will hide the Page Settings from all the Pages.

Then click on Done.

Since I had this page open before I made the change, you can see the Page Settings are showing up.

But once I refresh the page, the settings are no longer showing up.

The last of these options is the Portability.  This option allows you to import and export Divi Library Packs, Theme Customizer Settings, Theme Options and Divi Roles.  This makes it easier to move your settings from one website to another, back them up, or share them.

And save the changes.  Then I’m going to open up a new tab so I can show you what disabling this option will do.

Notice where the red box is in the top left of the Theme Customizer and Module Customizer pages.  When this option is disabled, there is nothing here.  Now if I go back and enable it.

Now you’ll see two arrows when it’s enabled.

If I click on it, it opens up the Portability options of Exporting and Importing.  I’ll go into more about this feature in another video.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

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   Post Settings
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