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In this video I’m going to go through the Page Settings for all pages.
The Dot Navigation feature lets you turn on a floating side navigation bar on a per page basis. This navigation bar auto detects the sections on your page and creates a dot indicator for each. The highlighted dot indicates the current section, and each dot is linked to its respective section. When clicked, these navigation items transport you to their relevant sections using a smooth scrolling animation.  This feature is great for one page layouts.
Here is an example of the Dot Navigation when it is enabled.

The Hide Nav Before Scroll allows you to hide the nav bar until the user scrolls on the page.  You can choose to do this on one page or as many as you like.  This could be useful if you have a full width image that you’d like your visitors to see all of, without any distractions of the nav bar.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

WordPress Divi Theme
Purchasing & Installing
   Purchase Divi Theme   (7:46)
   Installing Theme   (1:44)
Divi Builder
  Default Editor vs Divi Builder   (3:18)
   Page Settings   (1:05)
   Post Settings
Sections, Rows, Modules (SRMs)
  SRMs Overview
   SRMs Settings Tabs
  Adding SRMs
  Cloning SRMs
  Deleting SRMs
  Moving SRMs
  Changing Structures of Rows
   Types of Modules
   Types of Full Width Modules
Theme Options
   General Theme Options
   Navigation Theme Options
   Layout Theme Options
   Ads Theme Options
   SEO Theme Options
   Integration Theme Options
   Updates Theme Options
   Theme Customizer
   Module Customizer
Role Editor
   Role Editor Overview
   High Level Theme Privileges
   Builder Interface
   Library Settings
   Settings Tabs & Types
   Module Use
   Divi Library
   Global Items
   Premade Layouts
  Saving to the Library
  Loading from Library

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