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In this video I’m going to go through the Divi Library.

The Library is a very handy tool. Here you can save your favorite layouts, sections, rows or modules for later use. This can save yourself hours of time from not having to re-create these designs. If you spend hours customizing the Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS tabs of a module to create a unique look for one of your modules, well with the library you can save that module so that when you add it to another part of your website, all those settings are already there. Why not save all of those customized modules to your Library so that you can use them in the future without having to re-create them! Once you have developed a library of custom modules, rows, and sections, you can export these items and import them when creating new websites to speed up your design process.  If you happen to be setting up a second website.  The Library is more than just a collection of saved layouts. Each library item can also be made “Global.” Global modules are synced and mirrored wherever they are placed.  I go into further detail in the global items video.

To get to the library, click on Divi, then Divi Library.

Here is where all your saved layouts, sections, rows, and modules.  The first column is the name of the item.  The second column shows they type of item it is.  Whether it’s a layout, section, row, or module.  The Global Layout shows it is a Global item.  And if it’s associated with a category, it will show in in the next column.

I show you in the Saving to Library video how to add new items to your library from your pages and posts.  If you’d like to add one from the library, click on the Add New button.

It will open up a box where you can choose your template name, type of module, include or exclude settings, whether you want it to be global, and if you’d like to add a category.  Then click Submit Query to save your changes.  Or click the X to exit out.  If you create an item here, you’ll need to edit the item to make your changes to the item since you can’t do it here.
If you’d like to edit an item that is already created, click on the name of the item you’d like to edit.  Or you can click on Edit below the item.
Then click on the edit icon for the library item you’re modifying.  This one is a global module.
You can make your changes here to the general or advanced settings, CSS, or the content.  Note, that if this is a global item, your changes will replicate to all the locations on your website that this item resides.  If it is not a global item, all the locations that you’ve already added this item to, will not update with these latest changes.  These changes will only occur on any new instance of this library item being added to a page or post.  When you’re done making changes, click on the Save & Exit button.
You can also change the category if you like.  When you’re done, click the Update button to save the changes.

You have the option to view certain library items.  Such as All, Mine, Published, and Trash.  If you have multiple user accounts, you can filter out other people’s items by viewing the Mine tab.  If you need to restore an item, check and see if it’s in the Trash tab.

To search for library items, type in the name or part of the item name and click the Search Layouts button.

Click on the Manage Categories button if you’d like to edit the categories.  Categories come in handy if you have a lot of items saved.  Using categories will help you find the items you need faster.

To learn how to add a saved item to a layout, watch the Load from Library video in this series.

That’s it for this video.  I’ll see you in the next one.

WordPress Divi Theme
Purchasing & Installing
   Purchase Divi Theme   (7:46)
   Installing Theme   (1:44)
Divi Builder
  Default Editor vs Divi Builder   (3:18)
   Page Settings   (1:05)
   Post Settings
Sections, Rows, Modules (SRMs)
  SRMs Overview
   SRMs Settings Tabs
  Adding SRMs
  Cloning SRMs
  Deleting SRMs
  Moving SRMs
  Changing Structures of Rows
   Types of Modules
   Types of Full Width Modules
Theme Options
   General Theme Options
   Navigation Theme Options
   Layout Theme Options
   Ads Theme Options
   SEO Theme Options
   Integration Theme Options
   Updates Theme Options
   Theme Customizer
   Module Customizer
Role Editor
   Role Editor Overview
   High Level Theme Privileges
   Builder Interface
   Library Settings
   Settings Tabs & Types
   Module Use
   Divi Library
   Global Items
   Premade Layouts
  Saving to the Library
  Loading from Library

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