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When starting a new business, it can be overwhelming and expensive.  We at Golden Internet Marketing LLC understand the importance of maintaining a business website, so we created a service to help ease your stress. By becoming a member, you will receive access to tutorials on setting up your own website for a low monthly payment.  From purchasing your domain and hosting, to adding content and keeping your website secure from hackers, we will walk you through every step of this process.

Why should you subscribe?

We help anyone learn how to build and market their own website. Members receive unlimited access to to the entire library.

1.  Unlimited access

All membership plans receive unlimited access to all the tutorials.

2.  New courses added weekly

We add new courses every week to keep your skills up to date with the fast-changing pace of technology.  After all the WordPress tutorials have been added, we will start adding tutorials for Facebook, Google Analytics, and many more marketing tools.

3.  Learn on the go

With your membership, you can view courses from your computer or tablet.

4.  Watch what you want

Courses are created for each topic, so you can pick and choose specific topics only relevant to you to read/watch.

5.  Visual & Written Instructions

Watch a video or read written instructions with screenshots.

6.  Forum to communicate with other members

We have a forum available to communicate with other members.  Ask questions, for advice or help, etc.

7.  Stay up to date

WordPress, Facebook, and most other software is constantly making updates, adding new features.  Here you can stay up to date on everything you need.

8.  More ease

Have more ease managing your website and marketing with having all the tutorials in one location.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent hours looking all over the internet for the information I need.  As more tutorials are added, soon you’ll have all the info you need here!


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